Thank You’s from the Class of 2021

2021 Brown Deer Community Scholarship Recipients

My name is Kira Adkins and I am a 2021 graduate from Brown Deer High School. I plan on
attending University of Wisconsin-Madison this upcoming fall semester. I just want to take the
time to say thank you to the Education Foundation for investing in my education with this
scholarship money. At UW- Madison I will be majoring in environmental science and political
science with a minor in American Indian studies. I would like to pursue a career working in
sustainability and renewable energy. 

Thank you for providing me with a scholarship for my upcoming college classes! I will be
attending UW-Milwaukee in the fall of 2021. I plan on majoring in American Sign Language and
becoming a certified interpreter upon graduation. I am very excited to start my college career
and I’m very appreciative for this scholarship to help with tuition as I work towards achieving
my goals. --Sorelle Gonzalez

Thank you very much for your kind and generous funding. With your help, I will be financially
stable in my upcoming freshman year at Marquette University. I will be pursuing Environmental
Studies, working to ensure our planet’s health stays tip top shape and protected in the years to
come. I hope to make an impact, whether its lowering our nation’s carbon footprint or
inventing a new and biodegradable substitute for plastic. Your funding will not only help me,
but it will also help our environment. --Aniya Lentz

First off I would like to thank you for awarding me the Education Foundation scholarship for
2021. I truly appreciate being selected for this scholarship. My future education is extremely
important to me and this scholarship will greatly assist me in my plans to become a marine
biologist. Again thank you for your generous recognition of my efforts to further my education. -- Adam Anderson

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