Alumni Stories that Inspire

Intriguing. Inspiring. Diverse. Our alumni have some of the most fascinating stories to tell and we are always honored to share their accomplishments and achievements. We hope you find inspiration in the stories we tell here.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? How did Brown Deer schools prepare you for success in your field? How did your experiences in Brown Deer Schools prepare you for interacting with many different kinds of people?

Juan Hogans - Class of 2023

Recent graduate, Juan Hogans recently took time out to speak to with Brown Deer students in Ms. Buford's Entrepreneurship classes. Class of 2023 alumni, Juan currently has a successful hoodie business in the Milwaukee area. If you are interested in checking out his work, you can visit

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Michael Epping: A Move to Microsoft

Michael Epping graduated from Brown Deer High School in 2007. He wasn't sure what he'd end up doing at the time and somehow wound up somewhere he never would have guessed - working at Microsoft. In general, Michael thinks that means he’s done pretty well through a combination of sheer luck, circumstance, and help from others.

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Brown Deer Alumni Turned Entrepreneur- Amanda Mattefs

Amanda Mattefs, BDHS Class of ‘04, was born and raised in Brown Deer. Looking back on her high school years, Amanda describes herself as “Ms. Brown Deer School Spirit.” She was actively involved in many extracurriculars, including choir and tennis, and performed in the school musicals. She was also Student Council President and qualified (and placed!) for Nationals for DECA. Amanda was ultimately voted most likely never to leave Brown Deer.

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