Who We Serve

Brown Deer School District

1,484 Students

Brown Deer Elementary School

Brown Deer Middle / High School

161 Staff

The Brown Deer School District is a 4K-12 public school district with approximately 1,500 students. The school campus consists of two schools: Brown Deer Elementary School houses grades 4K through 5th grade; and Brown Deer Middle/High School houses grades 6 through 12. In addition to a rigorous academic program, students are provided with numerous opportunities to participate in activities and athletics.

Average Elementary School Class Sizes

Grades K-2: 18

Grades 3-5: 22

Graduation Rate 95%
ACT Participation Rate 100%
Languages Spoken 15
English Language Learners 75
Advanced Learners, K-8 62
Students Receiving Special Education Services 158
Low Income Percentage 50%
African-American 51%
Asian 13%
Hispanic 9%
White 17%
Two or More Races 10%
Staff with Masters Degree or Higher 31%

Work in the district is guided by the district's mission statement:

Together with our families and community, we will inspire students to be passionate learners, creative thinkers and innovative leaders who enrich our world.

The Village of Brown Deer, with approximately 13,000 residents, is located on the northern most end of Milwaukee County. Boasting one of the most diverse populations in Wisconsin, Brown Deer is home to families representing a variety of racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Brown Deer provides small town values in a family-oriented environment just minutes away from the bustle of downtown Milwaukee. 


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