About Us

The Education Foundation of Brown Deer was launched in July 2014 as a 501(c)(3) charity organization with a mission to enhance educational opportunities for students, families and staff of the School District of Brown Deer.

We are independent of, but work closely with the School District to support district goals to accelerate student learning, support the professional growth of our teachers and staff, facilitate community/school partnerships, and continue a student scholarship program for BDHS graduates.

We believe that every child deserves a high quality and equitable education. We pursue our mission with intentional focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

At a time when revenue from sources other than local taxes has decreased, the funds we raise stay here in Brown Deer and directly benefit the children of the School District of Brown Deer. 

TOGETHER….We Make a Difference. That is the key operating principle of our work.  We ask not only for your financial support but also for your expertise, volunteer time, and your attendance at Foundation sponsored events. 

No donation is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated. 

Thank You to the many volunteers and supporters who have worked and donated to make this vision a reality!

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