Michael Epping: A Move to Microsoft

Michael Epping graduated from Brown Deer High School in 2007. He wasn't sure what he'd end up doing at the time and somehow wound up somewhere he never would have guessed - working at Microsoft. In general, Michael thinks that means he’s done pretty well through a combination of sheer luck, circumstance, and help from others.

Most days, he feels pretty lucky to work for a stable company that gives exciting stuff to work on in Identity and mainly focuses on helping Microsoft's large customers stay secure. Michael went to UW-Madison with help from the BD community scholarship. He studied History and Sociology, which he knew would probably not going to be lucrative, but which he loved. At UW-Madison, Michael had his first job as a help desk IT Specialist. After graduation, he worked a pretty entry-level position at an IT consulting company and was pretty good at it. About eight years later, he decided to leave Milwaukee and interview with Microsoft in Seatle. Milwaukee will always be home - but for now, Michael enjoys trying out a new adventure. He’d like to share most with students graduating from BDHS that it’s ok not to know what you're going to do yet; there’s still time to figure that out. Spend some of the next few years exploring the things you enjoy.

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