Brown Deer Public Schools Friends & Alumni Network: A Place for Alumni and Supporters to Gather

We are thrilled to announce our brand new online community Brown Deer Public Schools Friends & Alumni Network, which will allow us to establish greater connections with our graduates and the community. We’re very excited to get connected with alumni of all ages!

Through this new alumni network, all Brown Deer alumni, supporters and community members will be able to stay connected and receive regular updates and news articles, along with a wide variety of information on special events, mentoring and volunteer opportunities. An Alumni Directory allows you to easily find and connect with other alumni, no matter where they’re located.


Graduates of Brown Deer schools, former school district students, supporters and all local residents may sign up for the alumni network and receive regular news and updates. This includes information on district news and events, community points of pride, class reunions and how alumni and residents can get more involved in Brown Deer schools. There will also be regular profiles on alumni who have gone on to serve their communities in notable ways.


We invite you to check out the alumni network and all that this new online community has to offer. We look forward to connecting with you!

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