Ashley Metzger



Institute of Beauty and Wellness


In Style Hair


Born and raised in the Brown Deer/Milwaukee Area. I attended Algonquin, Dean, Brown Deer Middle School and Brown Deer High School. I was the last Kindergarten class at Algonquin and I was the first 7th grade class to be in the Middle/High School. I largely participated in cheerleading, theater, and choir during my time at Brown Deer. I graduated in 2019 and went to Aveda IBW the following fall. I was scheduled to graduate in late July 2020 but due to the Covid shut down I was unable to finish until early November 2020. During my schooling, I did an internship with Scottfree Salon which was a wonderful experience. Begging of December, I packed my belongings and moved to Florida to start my career! I’m currently working full time at In Style Hair and LOVING IT! I learned something... Moving away is sometimes that first step in being successful on your own!