Listen to Brown Deer’s New Podcast!

Last month we featured the Brown Deer Magazine, a great way for citizens and alumni to stay up to date with everything happening in Brown Deer and the Brown Deer School District.

This month we are pleased to feature Brown Deer’s new podcast, “Matters of Brown Deer School District.” For residents and alumni looking to stay informed about everything happening in the district, this is yet another way to stay connected and get all of the information you’re looking for.  

The latest episode of the podcast features past coach and current Brown Deer educator, Dave Lucre. Mr. Lucre was a coach for 25 years and has been an educator in the district for 31 years, and many alumni are likely familiar with him as both a coach and teacher. The episode showcases his perspective on the importance of team sports, especially from a coach’s viewpoint. Mr. Lucre sits down with K-12 Athletic Director Gerald McGregory for a great conversation about the lessons they’ve learned over the years in working with student athletes.

The episode is currently available anywhere you find your podcasts,available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Blubrry and Stitcher. 

Listen on your computer with Blubrry if you wish!

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